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It has been three generations since the ST-Pierre family made its beginning in the field of mining exploration. It's in the 80s that the family decided to build its own enterprise, ST-Pierre Exploration enr. (1985)
ST-Pierre Exploration
             The company is now a leader in mining exploration and is active in Abitibi- Temiscamingue, in northern Ontario,and in the Nunavut. The strength and reputation of the company is the direct result of our pursuit for excellence as our primary objective, our long term commitment and our client's satisfaction over the last 26 year ,offering services of prospecting and geophysical surveys
We offer different services to different stakeholders working in the field of mineral exploration.
Services for mining exploration such as:
  •  Logistic of Drilling programs;
  •  Stripping and collecte of geological Data;
  •  Claims Staking and grid Location;
  •  Geophysical surveys: magnetic and electromagnetic;
  •  Logistics and management of projets;
  •  Trimble GPS and base station;
  •  Argo Amphibious to access swampy terrain.
Contact:   Daniel ST-Pierre
               cel:  (819) 727-6624
             (Amos, Quebec )
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